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Yoga and Meditation

Because chronic sress that lasts for months & years CAN wreak havoc on your body, our method also trains you to consciously tap into the stress mitigating power of the parasympathec nervous system. These yoga and meditation.

Fro-Zen Cold Training

Discover how stay warm without shivering, survive and ice-bath, and take cold-weather hikes in nothing but a pair of shorts and stocking hat. Practiced regularly, these techniques can be used to fight anxiety and depression, reduce inflammation, improve your overall health.

Stress Breathing

Tap into the power of your breath with simple time -tested breathing techniques that can help you mitigate depression, decrease anxiety, boost immunity,  and help you experience healing, non-ordinary states of awareness.

Forest Bathing

Experience how mindful walks in the forest & wild places can celp reduce stress levels, balance blood pressure, release anti cancer natural killer T-Cells that protect against cancer, boost energy and improve your creativity & ability to concentrate.

Heat Shock Therapy

Learn to harness the healing power of heat through a combination of sauna, sweat lodge and fire walking experiences. These techniques can help reduce anxiety and depression, improve circulation, protect again heart disease.

Mystical Practices

Explore the ultimate nature of your mind with secret Tibetan meditation practices.  Rarely taught outside of Tibetan Monasteries, these techniques will teach you to release energy blockages, improve physical health, and deepen meditative insights through a combination of mantra, mudras and meditation.  

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Fire Walking

Discover how to stay warm without shivering, survive and ice-bath,

Forest Bathing

Experience how mindful walks in the forest and wild places...

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