Elevate your well-being through mastery of breath with our Contrast Breathing® & Trance Breathing Programs. Discover how to modulate your energy, focus, and stress levels through the power of upregulation and downregulation techniques. Experience the next frontier in holistic health with our Psychedelic Breathing Program, designed to transcend traditional limits of body and mind.

Cold Shock Therapy

Unlock the transformative power of ice baths with our meticulously crafted protocols. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, our holistic approach combines cutting-edge techniques, data-driven metrics, and even virtual reality to elevate your experience. Learn how to acclimate your body to the cold, master breathing methods, and optimize muscle recovery—all while monitoring your performance in real-time. Get more out of every plunge and redefine the limits of your body and mind.


Heat Shock Therapy

Unlock the ancient wisdom and modern science of Heat Shock Therapy with our targeted sauna programs. If you already own a sauna, let us guide you on how to optimize your sessions for cellular repair, mental clarity, and stress resilience. Our advanced protocols integrate seamlessly with our Cold Immersion and Breathwork Courses for a trinity of wellness modalities. Journey with us as we redefine the boundaries of physiological optimization and mental well-being. It's not just a sauna; it's a metamorphosis.


We are collaborating with esteemed institutions like Harvard, MIT, and Mass General Hospital, pioneering research-driven advancements in wellness and mental health. Our commitment to science-backed methods is at the heart of our mission to redefine stress as a catalyst for growth and well-being.

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We believe in fair pricing for cold therapy products. Our collection is priced with you in mind, ensuring accessibility to superior care without financial strain. All products come with a 3 month membership to Good Stress Online.

  • Manage Mental Health

    The physical shock of the cold water stimulates the production of endorphins, our body's natural mood elevators. Moreover, cold exposure can stimulate the release of norepinephrine, a neurotransmitter that plays a key
    role in focus and attention. The act of overcoming the initial discomfort of the cold plunge can also instill a sense of accomplishment and resilience, thereby boosting self-esteem and overall mood.

  • Reduce Inflammation

    Cold plunging offers potent anti-inflammatory effects, reducing swelling and pain and accelerating recovery following physical exertion or injury. This practice can also lead to a decrease in pro-inflammatory cytokines, proteins that trigger inflammation, making it a useful natural method for managing inflammation and enhancing overall bodily health.

  • Weightloss

    Cold plunging is also theorized to play a role in weight loss by promoting the production of brown fat, also known as brown adipose tissue (BAT). Unlike white fat, brown fat burns energy, making it the "good"; kind of fat. Regular exposure to cold, such as that experienced during a cold plunge, can stimulate the production of brown fat, potentially leading to weight loss.

We're not building another wellness brand; we're cultivating a movement that views stress as an opportunity for growth. Empowering each individual to embrace their challenges with courage and grace. We are redefining wellness, one breath, one plunge, one sweat, one moment at a time.

Why join our community?

As a member of our community, you gain exclusive access to our resources, expertise, and community focused on mastering Breathwork, Cold Immersion, and Heat Shock Therapy.

  1. Breathe Easy, Breathe Smart: Gain access to our library of Contrast Breathing® techniques that range from up-regulation methods for energy and focus, to down-regulation practices for relaxation and mindfulness. Our Psychedelic Breathing Program opens the door to uncharted realms of mental clarity and emotional stability.
  2. The Chill Factor: Our Cold Immersion Courses offer not just an experience but an in-depth, data-driven curriculum to get the most out of your cold plunge. Learn how to adapt, endure, and thrive in cold environments. Advanced members can dive into contrast therapy, combining the ice with the inferno.
  3. The Heat Within: Unlock the transformative power of heat shock therapy with our scientifically-backed sauna protocols. Optimize cellular repair, experience unrivaled stress resilience, and integrate this seamlessly into your existing Cold Immersion and Breathwork practices.