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  1. Breathe Easy, Breathe Smart: Gain access to our library of breathwork techniques that range from upregulation methods for energy and focus, to downregulation practices for relaxation and mindfulness. Our Psychedelic Breathing Program opens the door to uncharted realms of mental clarity and emotional stability.
  2. The Chill Factor: Our Cold Immersion Courses offer not just an experience but an in-depth, data-driven curriculum to get the most out of your cold plunge. Learn how to adapt, endure, and thrive in cold environments. Advanced members can dive into contrast therapy, combining the ice with the inferno.
  3. The Heat Within: Unlock the transformative power of heat shock therapy with our scientifically-backed sauna protocols. Optimize cellular repair, experience unrivaled stress resilience, and integrate this seamlessly into your existing Cold Immersion and Breathwork practices.


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