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Welcome to the Good Stress Method!  Our revolutionary programs  use the power of “good stressors” to transform your everyday activities into healing experiences. Get ready to conquer any challenge with confidence and grace by embracing your primal nature through the four elements of nature – air, water, fire, and earth. Embark on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

PranaVayu Yoga

Say goodbye to chronic stress! Our method will teach you how to harness the incredible stress-busting power of your body’s parasympathetic nervous system. Through time-tested yoga techniques and practices, we’ll show you how to conquer stress and achieve balance in the modern world. 

Fro-Zen Cold Training

Unleash your inner chill warrior! Learn the art of staying warm without shivering, conquering icy baths, and rocking freezing hikes in just shorts and a hat. These badass techniques not only help you combat anxiety and depression, but also bust inflammation and boost your overall health. 

Heat Shock Therapy

Join us for a mind-blowing adventure where you’ll dive into the world of saunas, sweat lodges, and even have the chance to walk on FIRE. Not only will you conquer your fears, but you’ll also experience reduced anxiety, a boost in circulation, and safeguard yourself against heart disease. 

Trance Breathing

Discover ancient breathing techniques that can zap away depression, crush anxiety, supercharge your immune system, and transport you to mind-blowing realms of consciousness. Get ready to breathe your way to ultimate wellness!.

Forest Bathing

 Dive into the therapeutic practice of shinrin yoku, or forest bathing, to escape daily stress. This scientifically-backed method invites you to immerse yourself in the forest’s serenity, breathe in its revitalizing air, and let nature renew your spirit. 

Mystical Practices

Explore your mind’s hidden potential with Tibetan meditation! Delve into a mystical realm usually confined to Tibetan monasteries. Enhance your health and meditation depth using mantra, mudra, and contemplation. Are you ready to uncover your true self? Start this journey and unveil your inner magic!

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Module 1: Fro-Zen Cold Acclimation

Module 2: Forest Therapy

Module 3: Trance Breathing

Module 4: Fire

Rites of Passage

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David Magone

Trained by a Tibetan Monk, David Magone is a renowned teacher's teacher

with over twenty years of teaching experience in yoga, meditation, breath-work and personal transformation.   A passionate innovator, David has dedicated the majority of his teaching career to optimizing the physical aspects of yoga by integrating exercise science into traditional practices.  Universal in nature, his work with postural sequencing, alignment, and bio-hacking can be used to enhance practices from nearly any yoga discipline.


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