About Us

David Magone, with over two decades of expertise in meditation, yoga, and integrative health coaching, has long been a vanguard in the realm of holistic wellness. His journey, deeply personal and enriched by his own battles with mental health, has been about more than just teaching; it's been about healing and empowering others through the practices he advocates.

David Wachtendonk, co-founder of Good Stress Method, brings his own unique story of overcoming mental health challenges. His journey intertwines the worlds of business, wellness, and technology. Since 2003, David has been a dynamic force in the startup landscape, combining his business expertise with a personal commitment to wellness practices that have been crucial in managing his PTSD and fostering personal well-being.

Together, they envisioned Good Stress Method as more than just a wellness brand. It's a sanctuary for those seeking to transform their relationship with stress, to turn it from a foe to an ally. With David Magone's wisdom in traditional practices and David Wachtendonk's innovative approach to technology and business, they've created a platform that's both grounded in ancient wisdom and elevated by modern science.