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Welcome to Good Stress — where the latest in wellness meets personalized care. Dive into a world where stress isn't the enemy, but a path to a more resilient, vibrant you. Our beta program offers you early access to exclusive content, a voice in shaping the future of wellness, and the tools to harness the life-enhancing power of good stressors like breathwork, cold exposure, and heat therapy.


  • Early Access: Be the first to explore our curated wellness practices and content.
  • Shape the Future: Your feedback directly influences the development of Good Stress, making you a pioneer in the wellness revolution.
  • Exclusive Insights: Gain cutting-edge knowledge from our partnerships with leading researchers and institutions.
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How It Works:

  • Sign Up: Enter your name, email and complete the onboarding experience
  • Discover: Receive personalized content tailored to your wellness goals.
  • Engage: Start using the recommended protocols, participate in live sessions and community discussions with David Magone. Start to feel amazing! 
  • Feedback: Share your experiences and help us refine the Good Stress method.
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